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Available Instruments

Color measurement instruments are offered by a number of types, including the following:

1 Touch-screen Display

2 Handwriting recognition ready

3 Control Panel

Standard Measure




Batch Measure

4 Thumb recess for

proper hand position

5 Pass/Fail/Ready Indicator

6 Expandable Memory Card

7 RS232 Connection

8 Aperture Switch

9 Measurement Trigger

10 Soft Handle Strap for

Assured Left or Right

Hand Grip

11 Interchangeable Stapler

Foot and Aperture Plates

12 SP 2000 Probe


13 Rechargeable Battery Pack

Transmittance Colorimeters

Transmittance colorimeters will automatically measure the colour of drinks, juices and concentrates, provided they are light transmitting and not turbid. It will display the results in terms of internationally recognised CIE values and spectral data or according to any appropriate standard industry colour scale that is featured on this instrument series. This instrument also allows users to obtain a closest match to stored references or to build up a customised scale from a series of reference samples.

Visual Grading

The IFU Colour scale was developed in Europe for fruit juices and concentrates with a yellow/amber colour such as apple, pear and white grape. It features a range of colour standards with values ranging from 1 to 25. This visual test kit grades fruit juices according to standards.

Lovibond Tintometer

The Lovibond Tintometer is a visual colorimeter designed for colour measurement in terms of Lovibond Units. It can be used for both clear and turbid drinks, allowing users to compare the colour of light which is either reflected or transmitted from the sample with that transmitted through a series of Lovibond glass colour standards. Light transmitting samples are positioned at the front of the sample chamber in a cell whose path length depends upon the saturation of the sample. Light reflecting samples are positioned at the back of the sample chamber in a 10mm cell.

Lovibond RT100 Reflectance Tintometer


A compact, lightweight colorimeter, giving spectral reflectance data for quality control of surface colour. The RT100 consists of a hand-held spectrometer unit with an integrated measuring head (45o/o measuring geometry) for precision colour measurement and control of regular surfaces. Results can be expressed in a choice of colour values and colour difference measurements: X Y Z tristimulus values, CIE L*a*b*, CIE x y Y, CIE L'u'v', CIE L*C*h*,Whiteness Index,Yellowness Index,

Lovibond Flour Colour Grader

The Lovibond Flour Colour Grader enables millers and bakers to monitor closely the colour and hence purity of flour that they are producing or using. It is a direct descendant of the original, internationally accepted Kent, Jones and Martin type instrument that was first used for grading flour over 40 years ago and is still widely accepted by QA managers as reliable indication of flour colour. The Lovibond Flour Colour Grader provides an accurate and repeatable method of measuring flour sample whiteness by comparing a sample of flour with a ceramic tile of known colour grade. It reports the sample colour in terms of Colour Grade Values over the range - 5 to +18 flour grades. The Flour Colour Grader includes an automatic timer, which helps the operator to follow the time schedule for the test, an important factor in obtaining accurate results. The Lovibond Flour Colour Grader is also appropriate for other applications where precise measurement of whiteness is important.


The flour sample is weighed, mixed with water for a fixed time period and poured into the glass cuvette. The sample is inserted into the instrument, which automatically transfers it to the measurement position and takes a reflectance reading. The results are presented on an LED display and are also printed out, along with the time a date, on an internal printer. At the beginning of each, or as required, the instrument is calibrated against an internal ceramic tile. Overall standardisation is achieved using a sample of National Standard Flour.

Lovibond portable Spectrophotometer for Opaque Samples, Semi Solids & Translucent Liquids


Minolta Chroma Meter


Below are some usesses of this chroma meter