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- Myoglobin
- Hemoglobin
- Color Intensity
- Meat Color and PH
- Color Stability
- Cooked Meat Pigments
- Pinking of Uncurred Cooked Products
- Irridiscence in Processed Meat Products

Cooked Meat Pigments

During the cooking process, myoglobin is denatured. All of the pigment is not affected at the same time or to the same extent and this is why you get reddish color at different end point temperatures when cooking. Certain meat conditions can result in protection of the myoglobin.

The ultimate pH of meat or meat products will affect how the meat color changes during cooking. If the meat has a high pH, it will have to be cooked to higher end-point temperatures to get the same visual degree of doneness as one with normal pH. Frequently, complaints of this hard to cook defect are associated with a high pH of the meat or meat product.